Woman with PTSD says Washington Memorial Library brings her calmness

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Washington Memorial Library is used for many reasons. Whether you’re checking out a book, or learning more about the city you live in through archives, the library offers a variety of services.

To Susie Carlisle, the library is more than just a place to grab another book.

“It’s a calming effect. I don’t have many places like that,” said Carlisle.

Just like Carlisle’s bear, Sammi, the library eases her post-traumatic stress after dealing with an abusive relationship.

“Coming every day to the library helps me stay relaxed and calm. Keeps me away from all the congestion at home,” said Carlisle.

So, when Carlisle heard the library she walks to every day was closing, she was shocked.

“I hope they will not close these libraries because Macon needs the library. This is pretty much the only one we have.”

On Wednesday, the library announced it will not be offering those services anymore, because it’s closing. Signs posted throughout the library state the closing is due to the lack of funding from the Macon-Bibb County Commission.

This would be the last of the Middle Georgia Regional Libraries to close. In July, the Middle Georgia Regional Library System decided to close 3 of its branches since the county commission defunded the libraries.

“When the local entity drops their funding, the state also drops theirs,” said MGRL Director, Jennifer Lautzenheiser.

Now, the library is running out of money and without state or local funding, it’s hard to keep the doors open.

“The library has enough funds in reserves to have the libraries open to the public through Wednesday, August 15th,” said Lautzenheiser.

Come the 16th, Carlilse and Sammi will have to find another place to find peace.

“I would miss it a lot. She (Sammi) would too,” said Carlisle.

Carlisle says she walks about 20 minutes every morning, Monday through Saturday to spend her day at the library. She says she may have to make a longer walk to the Mercer Library, but says it won’t be the same.

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