Coliseum Doctor saves baby’s life, after he stops breathing

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -Suronda Holliman said her son was just four months old when he stopped breathing.

“The day that Tyrell had his little episode, I had you know walked in, laid him in his bassinet and you know I was kind of walking around, talking,” Holliman said. “I was just kind of checking on him glancing over, looked at him, and his color was different. He was gray. His face was gray. ”

Holliman rushed Tyrell to the emergency room at the Coliseum Northside Hospital.

“On the way, he was lethargic. He acted kind of lifeless and when we got there he acted perfect. He acted like nothing was wrong. In front of all the nurses and everybody, he acted like he never had the episode, ” she said.

Holliman said she tried to convince the nurses that something was wrong, but they didn’t believe her.

Soon Doctor Mickey Bansal came in and Holliman explained to him what was going on.

“And he was like, so the look that you’d seen, is it the look right now? And when I turned to look at the baby, it was the exact look. He had the same look. He had stopped breathing,” Holliman said.

Holliman became scared, but Bansal told her he’d take care of Tyrell.

“When they was rushing him out the room he said ‘Mrs. Holliman this is my baby right now. I’m gonna take care of him. You don’t have to worry about anything. He’s gonna be okay,’ ” she said.

And Bansal was right. He brought Tyrell back to Holliman breathing again.

“I have a place, a soft place in my heart for him, like seriously. I mean like if I could do something like he did for me, I would, ” Holliman said.

It turns out Tyrell had pneumonia.

Holliman said she can tell Bansal truly cares about his patients.

“A lot of people get into nursing and doctoring for the money, ‘Oh I can make this much’, that’s not him,” she said. “His heart is where he’s at and to me that’s like his calling. It’s like what he’s supposed to do, that’s him. He’s awesome.He’s just a good doctor.”

A doctor that gave a mom her baby back, when she thought she’d lose him forever.

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