Miss America Exhibit coming soon to Museum of Arts and Sciences

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A new Miss America exhibit will open September 23rd at the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Sherry Singleton, Director of Communications, said the exhibit will be an interesting one.

“Both of those ladies are from Macon, so we thought it’d be a good contrast to show what it was like to be a woman and be Miss America in 1953 versus 2016,” Singleton said.

The exhibit will include dresses, photos, and of course crowns from the women.

Singleton said this exhibit will be complex.

“Because we’re dealing with mannequins and extremely extravagant dresses, so they have to be steamed and cleaned and fluffed and made to make it look like there’s a person wearing them,” she said.

Singleton said the Museum wants people to also see the courage it took for these Middle Georgia natives to win a national title.

“Well we want them to see that these women were incredible. That they took the chance to step out which for most normal people is terrifying, to put yourself out there and say judge me,” she said.

The museum had an exhibit for Neva Fickling a few years ago, but they had to bring the exhibit back since Betty Cantrell snatched the crown also.

Singleton said she’s a little bit of a feminist at heart, so she’s very excited for this exhibit to open.

“To see these dresses and imagine yourself in them, right alongside them is living vicariously through these two women. It kind of lets you get into that mystery that you dreamed about,” she said.

So if you always wanted to know what it was like to be Miss America, your opportunity waits at the museum in the Georgia gallery.

Also, Betty Cantrell will be at the museum at 1:30 p.m.

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