Residents out of power flock to fast food joints

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Many restaurants and stores across Macon-Bibb county are closed because of power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. But, that wasn’t the case for two fast food restaurants in Macon.

Dozens of people were in line earlier this evening trying to get a hot meal and it isn’t because they didn’t take the opportunity to go grocery shopping days prior. It’s because those groceries in the fridge might be going bad.

With Irma now in Middle Georgia, residents can see the damage left outside, but inside their homes it’s pitch black.

“Our power went out at the house,” said resident Jazz Scott.

Scott is one of 100,000 without power, and so is Reverend Larry Todd. “Our power is out and it’s been out since about 9:35 this morning,” Todd told 41NBC.

Despite efforts to stock up on food, losing power means no stove, no oven and no refrigerated food at home. “We went grocery shopping yesterday. We got water I got some food and stuff and just snacks and stuff,” Scott.

Several dozens of people are now looking elsewhere to find food. “We had some cold cuts this morning, but cold cuts kind of wear out you know–we really needed some hot food in our stomachs,” Todd said.

Restaurants open are scarce in this weather, but Wendy’s and McDonald’s on Eisenhower Parkway were taking orders.

“It is a lot of people and it’s not a lot of restaurants open like– I just came from another one that closed while I was in line so I came to this one,” Scott added.

But Todd says finding a hot meal on a day like today was no doubt a blessing.

“We didn’t expect anything to be open, and my wife said ‘oh wow there’s some places open’ and we said hey this is our chance to get some food,” Todd continued.

Hopefully, many of those restaurants will be opening back up by tomorrow.

There’s no word yet from Georgia Power on when they’ll have lines back up but the company does have crews out working on them.

Georgia Power recommends if you have a power outage, to turn off  your AC Unit so in case there’s a power surge, your unit isn’t damaged.

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