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UPDATE: (12/5/2017): Crawford County Investigator James Hollis has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man says he was forced to behead his dog after a deputy shot it dead.

Facebook videos from Joe Nathan Goodwin, the dog’s owner, show the confrontational aftermath of the pitbull mix being shot around 4 p.m. Friday. The dog was shot and killed after it allegedly bit a woman and lunged at a Crawford County deputy.

“We asking you to remove the dog head,” Crawford County Investigator James Hollis says to Goodwin. “And you’re refusing right?”

“I ain’t got a knife to cut it off,” Goodwin says.

At one point, Hollis threatens to arrest Goodwin. When Goodwin questions the process of beheading his dog, a deputy can be heard saying: “We don’t know this process either, I don’t never have to do this,  I don’t cut dogs head off.”

Another video taken just before 6 p.m. shows Goodwin kneeling down next to the dead dog, appearing to begin cutting its head off. He then puts the head into a plastic bag.

According to a news release from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, the ordeal started when a deputy drove to a home on Wellington Drive after the dog allegedly bit a woman in the leg. When the deputy arrived on scene, the dog charged at him.  The press release says the deputy yelled at the dog to get it to retreat back to Goodwin’s property, which the dog did. When the deputy arrived at Goodwin’s house after talking to the female victim, the dog allegedly charged and lunged at the deputy so he shot it.

According to Goodwin’s Facebook page, that’s when Investigator Hollis arrived on scene and asked Goodwin to remove the dog’s head so that it could be taken to the Crawford County Health Department for a state required rabies test. Hollis has since been placed on administrative leave.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office says the incident is under investigation and more information will be made available.

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  • Tellit22

    What the &@;& was he doing letting the dog run loose and biting his neighbors for in the first place? I’m fed up with uncaring, careless, inconsiderate people letting dogs and cats run free to harm and annoy (barking, pooping) neighbors!

    • IceHot

      The owner of the dog not once complained about the fact that his dog was shot by a deputy….

      But to force him to cut his own dogs head off…that’s barbaric.

      The reason the head is removed is to test for diseases, which is standard if an animal attacks. However, that amputation is done by a medical professional who has training.

  • John Keller

    Cops are bad, but Knee Ger Affirmative Action cops are the worst. Purple bow tie beast needs to be euthanized.

  • michael92064

    Sheriff is now blaming the local health department for giving him bad information as if they never investigated a dog bite before

  • Tellit22

    Hey thug or ex thug John, Hope you call a cop when someone is attempting to euthanize you sometime and they refuse to come or go slow on the gas pedal, you jerk!

    • jennifer 0.3

      Did that make you feel good?

  • Wildbilloutlaw18

    I live in Fla nothing surprises me about Fla. or Ga anymore!

  • Tim Culbreth

    I hope they fire this IDIOT!!!!
    Anyone this stupid doesn’t need to be in law enforcement.

  • Kylie

    So after investigating this situation, it seem’s there are multiple conflicts as well as points that need to be addressed. Ok the dog had anywhere from 3-5 previous calls and recorded incidents previous to this one. Why wasn’t this dog dealt with way before now? Why is the owner getting away with the Georgia law that states you must have your dog vaccinated or the Crawford county leash law? O & by the way, great parenting there Bud for ALLOWING your children to witness the beheading of your family “pet”. I’m pretty sure there was plenty of time to make sure your children weren’t subjected to any further “trauma” as you so state considering the length of your videos. You sure had time to worry about potentially getting a law suit by recording what was going on instead of being a parent to your already traumatized children who just happened to witness their dog charge an officer and be shot. And you can’t use the excuse that there wasn’t anyone else there to take care of the children when there was clearly another female speaking with the Deputy in the video while he explained the procedure he was instructed to do by THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND HIS SUPERIOR. Which brings me to another point. Didn’t you admit to that Deputy that you understood why he had no choice but to shoot your dog and clearly state in the video that you didn’t have a problem with him at all that your issues were with the investigator??? Yea, pretty sure that happened according to one of the videos you posted. Now… lets look at further details. You told the news that you weren’t given any options that you were ordered to behead your dog or go to jail. HMM, well, in a previous interview you told another source that you were given the options but because of the time of year and the fact that you had three children, you couldn’t afford to take the dog to the vet or health department to have it done. So, had you checked into the pricing, to verify that there was even a fee??? Nope, lets let the cameras start rolling! For someone that was so upset and close to the pet that was obviously not taken care of, you sure didn’t take a moment to look deeper into those options you stated you were given. AND THEN when asked which option you were going to choose, you made the choice to do it yourself. NOW in no way was that even sanely appropriate that some redneck could expose himself or anyone else to potential rabies by hacking his dogs head off with a kitchen knife. However, the HEALTH DEPARTMENT should be responsible for that call!!! Anyone thought of that?? Nope, lets blame the people that actually save lives every day and help others 90% more than the very small amount of inappropriate actions made by “humans”. Not all law enforcement is bad, not all convicted criminals are guilty…remember your cousins that are “innocent” and still locked up?? Yea, that road goes both ways. Now, as far as the Deputy goes, is it just me or is he the only one with any logical common since. I mean, he protected himself against a dog with a history of malicious behavior that just bit another human being. As soon as he stepped out of his vehicle the dog came after him and the Deputy shot him at the very last minute that he possible could giving the caregiver of the dog (assuming there was one there watching the children who were outside to witness the incident) the opportunity to call the dog or put the dog up considering he had just attacked the neighbor. Hellooooo??? Now, since you “understood” why the dog was shot, why are you making a big deal of that part??? O and the Deputy (that you didn’t have a problem with) shot the dog, NOT THE INVESTIGATOR! That same Deputy that apologized to you for having to do that and clearly remained professional in the videos you posted. He wasn’t the one that ordered the beheading!!! Where exactly did he go wrong, because I haven’t saw anything to that nature. His name shouldn’t even be associated with your flip flopping accusations. Now on to the INVESTIGATOR which is not a Deputy BTW and people should really get their titles straight when accusing, what kind of idiot knows he’s being recorded and acts the fool on camera?? Another HELLOOO!!!! You clearly can see your dealing with irrational people at this point. Ok, even though you clearly made several phone calls to check “protocol” (which those people need to be looked into as well) you had to have enough common since to know that you can’t just cut off a head and throw it in a grocery bag. I mean GEEE”SS. Haven’t you been trained in some sort of disease control with how to properly handle blood particles and such. I mean at least make the guy wear gloves and offer him some hand sanitizer for crying out loud. Now, I completely understand you getting upset by this lunatic and all of his vulgar language but where was your class and professionalism??? Aren’t you trained to remain calm and professional, I mean even your Deputy acted more civil and sane and you should have known better seeing as how he is supposed to follow your lead. Thankfully, he kept to himself. What kind of leader acts that way? You made yourself look like a clown, especially in that purple ensemble you had going on. Your actions should definitely be under investigation!!! Now for the Sherriff! Hey Dawg, where ya been? Why are you allowing animals to constantly bite people and risk this kind of situations? Where is the protection on your Investigator and Deputy needed because of those threats going around on them?? Kudos for allowing the media and that idiot time to tear apart your county and department! You should have been the first one to hop in a do damage control….looks like it may be too late on that one. And don’t even get me started on the Meth being passed around that county like wildfire! Now for the lady that was bit/ attacked by the dog, and then attacked by people for being the victim, you should have shot his behind instead. Now, before anyone gets their drawers in a wad, I am an animal lover and own several. However, they are vaccinated, groomed, & well taken care of! O and let’s not forget, in the house or in a pen. Lady, get you a lawyer and sue that idiot right back for the money he’s trying to get from the county!!! If anyone has a case it’s you!!! Now that leaves me with all the people that are so one sided and threatening the lives of the Investigator, Deputy, and Victim. In what world do you live in that you think its morally wrong and downright inhumane to behead a dog but think it’s appropriate to take a human life??? Yes, animals should be treated with respect and BE TAKEN CARE OF, but to justify taking the life of another human being??? For the love of God!!! The tables would be turned if that lady that was bitten was your mother, friend, family!! Or if that Deputy who was being charged by the dog, was your Father, Family, or friend. I am just beyond belief of the ignorance of people. Lord help us all!!!

  • Desertphile

    What language are these stupid shits trying to talk? Do they even have a “first language?”

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