WR Looks to Become “City of Ethics”

In an effort to help the City of Warner Robins move in a positive direction, Its city council announced plans to become a certified City of Ethics through the Georgia Municipal Association. The distinction would allow citizens to voice concerns and participate in ethics investigations.
It would require the adoption of the following 5 ethic principles for city officials.
1)To Serve others, not themselves
2)Use resources with efficiency and economy
3)Treat all people fairly,
4)Use the power of their position for the well being of constituents
5)Create an environment of honesty, openness and integrity.

Warner Robins Mayor Chuck Shaheen believes it’s a good move for the city, “I think it’s important that we answer to the people..our conduct, our decisions, and I think that’s what we are going to do.”

The application deadline for the certification is April 30, 2011. Members of the citizen ran ethics committee have not been announced.

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