What’s Right With Our Schools: Bonaire Elementary uses online program to motivate students to learn

BONAIRE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Since a lot of things are done online nowadays, the principal at Bonaire Elementary School is helping his students increase their computer skills.

The school is using ‘Education Galaxy’, an online program, that consists of educational games and learning exercises. It can be used at school or home to strengthen weaknesses in all subject areas.

“This is a program that the kids truly enjoy being a part of. They love playing the games, they love even the learning part of it because that gets them to the games.So, we want the kids to understand that learning is fun and education galaxy is agreat tool to get that idea across to the kids,” says Principal Willis Jones.

“They take a diagnostic test in the beginning and that shows us exactly which standards they need to work on in math or reading. And then after the test, the student completes a study session. They do the study session, and then if they master it, they get to play a game,” second grade teacher, April Eubanks, adds.

Second grader,Gabriel Tomlinson, says “Playing the games is fun, so I just do the math problems to play the games.”

“If you complete a level you have a choice to play a game,” adds third grader, Colin Bailey.

For teachers, it’s helping them create content within the program to test students’ knowledge.

“If I’m working on nouns, I can go in to education galaxy, click on the noun standards, the Georgia Standards of Excellence. I can create a test, I can see all of the test questions, and I can pull from that and create a test specifically for my class and what I’ve been working on,” says third grade teacher, Whitney McCullers.

It’s a program that teachers say is showing students they’re hard work is paying off. Principal jones says the sooner the students can start using their computer-based skills, the more adept they’ll be in the future.

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