What’s Right With Our Schools: ‘Ticking for Fluency’ program connects students, parents and teachers

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “Parents are busy, families are busy, they’re running children all over creation;to ball practices, gymnastics and what not,” says Principal Patricia Witt who works at Morningside Elementary.

How to get parents involved in their children’s learning? That was a question school leaders at Morningside Elementary wanted answered. The initiative,’Ticking for Fluency’ was their answer.

Parent Involvement Coordinator Pamelia Harper says, “They get more familiar, they get more fluency and their comprehension increases.”

Teachers give students passages at the beginning of the week to take home and read with their parents. Parents are instructed to help students effectively read the passage through the week for one minute per day.

On Fridays, teachers time students for one minute after they read their passages. Once the timer goes off the teachers calculate the number of words read correctly.

Many parents say the program is effective and the time spent helping their kids with school work is well worth it.

“As a parent,you can understand where your child is as far as reading and other subjects as well. So, you just need to take that time so you can understand where they’re at where and where they’re weakness at so you can help them,” says Vivian Blackshea.

Fifth grade teacher Pamela West adds, “I just strongly believe that when they get that extra support at home with their parents that it really increases their reading level and their fluency rate.”

Students say the progress makes them feel proud.

Arriyana Blackshear who is at student Morningside says, “Beginning of the year, my reading level was really low and now I’m at the top level in the class.”

Jyden Ragin adds, “Last year, I was reading a little bit of a lower level and now I’ve moved up a whole lot.”

Every six weeks students are rewarded for their completion of the weekly assignment. The incentives is what Ariel Lawrence believes is what motivates her child to keep up the good work.

“When she sees all of the other students getting rewards for it. It helps her to want to read more to receive the gifts or prizes that she has at the end of the six weeks,” she continues.

‘Ticking for Fluency’ aims to help students excel in their academics, and allows more bonding time with family.

“My favorite part of the ‘Ticking for Fluency’ program is spending time with my parent because she works a lot and so I try to spend as much time with her as I can,” says Gabrielle Green who also attends Morningside Elementary.

Morningside Elementary has been using the program for three years.

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