What’s Right With Our Schools: Taylor County Upper Elementary uses ‘Stride Academy’ to engage students

TAYLOR COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Taylor County Upper Elementary School is making sure no student falls behind.

“What could we do with the students who were already on grade level? And we wanted to give them something that they can be engaged in as well,” says RTI Coordinator Teresa Davis.

The school focuses on helping struggling students get on grade level by using the RTI program. RTI stands for Response to Intervention. Within the program students are divided into focus groups until teachers see progress.

Students who meet the standards have a chance to concentrate on their work while having some fun–Thanks to the ‘Stride Academy’ program.

“It is a internet based computer program that focuses on reading, math, and it also has language arts and sciences components to it,” Davis adds.

Before the students begin the educational program, they’re given a test to highlight their weaknesses. Once they’re identified, the computer program challenges them based on their performance.

“It’s easier than, like, the regular class,” says third grader Skylar Hobbs.

Third graders Maddox and Jackson enjoy the online learning experience. The program rewards students with virtual coins they can use to play educational games. To earn the coins, students have to first answer questions related to their most challenging subjects.

“We were trying to beat the games getting a high score. So, you can challenge each other and play games and see who can get the biggest high score,” third grader Maddox Barks explains.

Third grader Jackson Davis adds, “If I can earn more coins, I can play more games, I can get my score up faster than him.”

When students come across those difficult questions, Mrs. Davis says she uses the communication cups as a signal for help.

“When you need help, you take the red cup and you put it on top and that’s what lets Mrs.Teresa know that you are having trouble or problems with the question,” says third grader Ashleigh Bernard.

The students like it so much, they continue to work on it at home.

Third grader Kortlin Brussell says, “Before I get on Stride, I play outside or something then when I get bored I come in the house and get in Stride.”

Parents can receive weekly updates through email from Stride Academy that tells how their kids are doing and what resources are available to help them.

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