What’s Right With Our Schools: Online program strengthens students’ math skills, motivates them to learn

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One Houston County school has a computer program that is so popular with kids, that they’re starting to use it in their spare time.

“This is a way the teachers really like to see their students reinforce the math that they are teaching them in the classroom,” says William Ray who is the principal at Kings Chapel Elementary School.

Second through fifth graders are learning math through technology. An online educational program called “sum dog” gives students a chance to drop the books and learn more with a click of a mouse.

Ray adds, “Students aren’t engaged by worksheets like they were years ago. Now students live in a more interactive world.”

The teachers set the skill level and content for students as they practice math and become more fluent with it. Once they get the answers correct for each problem, they earn coins and are able to play games.

Second grade teacher Ashley McConnell says, “To them it’s like a video game and I even send home to the parents their codes and they even play it home. I mean, that’s how much they love it.”

The program makes students motivated to learn.

“I feel like I need to get every answer right,” says 2nd grader Melody Phillips.

“I am ready to get all of the answers right to get more games,” 2nd grader Kayla Gaines adds.

Last year the school saw an increase in math scores on the Georgia Milestone tests.




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