What’s Right With Our Schools: Kings Chapel Elementary uses strategy groups to enhance students’ learning

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Houston County school leaders are taking a different approach educating their students.

William Ray is the principal at Kings Chapel Elementary. He says, “It lets a teacher really be focused with their instruction.

Kings Chapel Elementary teachers are using best instructional practices to keep students on grade level.

Kindergartners are learning their lessons in strategy groups. The groups include independent working, one on one teaching or group teaching.

Kindergarten teacher Latoya Turner says, “The students that are really in strong in some areas, we can enrich them and we can really target those children in their weak areas.”

The rubber band method allows students to stretch out the sound in words. That one on one time is what some students look forward to.

Kindergartner Serenity Vinup says,”I like working with Mrs. Turner because I like spending more time with Mrs. Turner.”

Kindergartner Camilla English adds, “I love getting that extra attention from my teacher.”

“I’ve definitely seen a lot of improvements. The smaller the group setting, you’re able to do more hands on. You’re able to give them more attention and to a lot of guided practice,” Turner explains.

So far, the tool has been proven to keep students focused and excited.

“We work on words, spelling and math and I love it,” says Kindergartner Joseph Poole.

Kings Chapel Elementary has been using strategy groups for many years. School leaders say best instructional practices have contributed to educational gains.



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