What’s Right With Our Schools: Jeffersonville Elementary students participate in mock election

TWIGGS COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – They may not have reached the legal voting age but thousands of elementary students across the nation got a chance to vote for our next president of the United States.

Jeffersonville Elementary was one of the schools that participated in a mock election.

“We’re just trying to do our part as it relates to what goes on here on America with our government,” says Family Engagement Coordinator Cuevas Stephens.

The free program called ‘Every Kid Votes’ lets students participate in a national mock election. The school sets up polling stations where students cast their ballots.

They can choose Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or Donald Trump to become the next president. The same rules for voters apply to students.

“They have to be quiet,have to go to your main section then vote then exit the building, can’t talk about who you voting for or discuss who you voted for,” Stephens continues.

It’s something students say they are thankful to have.

Third grader Aziya King says, “It makes me feel good because we get to pursue who we really want to be our president.”

“All of the kids are glad because we’re glad our voices got heard about what we think about the president, just not the grown ups,” third grader Gavin Jackson adds.

Teachers have been explaining the importance of voting in class and discussing the candidates before students make their decisions.

School leaders say having an exercise like this also promotes leadership.

“We may have a future president here in this building and it’s helping them learn those civic skills how to talk to the people in the communities,” Stephen explains..

At an early age, the students show they care about the future of America.

“We need to be prepared and so when we get older we know how to vote,” third grader Mallory McDaniel says.

By casting their votes, they get to be part of a live election with up-to-the-minute results.

Students have correctly predicted the winning candidate three elections in a row using the program.

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