Wesleyan College students walk out against gun violence

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Students at Wesleyan College remembered the lives lost exactly one month ago in Parkland, Florida. Dozens of them walked out Wednesday morning again gun violence.

Among the crowd, was Sallan Griffin, a student at Wesleyan.

“The healing process, after gun violence,” said Griffin. “Even whenever you think you’re over it, it never goes away.”

Griffin had her experience with gun violence at a very young age.

“When I was 9, my mother was shot and killed by my father, who also shot himself in the leg to make it look like an accident,” said Griffin.

It’s a tragic story Griffin has carried for more than a decade. But Wednesday morning, she wanted to share it with her colleagues at Wesleyan.

“My mother’s story hasn’t been told, and I wanted to sort of share her memory and if it could be prevented again, to stop it,” said Griffin.

Dozens of students gathered at Wesleyan’s square to hear Griffin’s story and remembers the lives lost in the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting.

“We wanted to make this not only a memorial for the countless lives due to gun violence, but also as a call for action to make sure that our schools are safer,” said Student Government President, Monica Mohanty. “To make sure that in every walk of our lives we feel safe in the state of Georgia.”

Although the rally was organized by students, staff, including the school’s president, Dr. Vivia Fowler, joined in.

“Rather than having the students walk out of class, we all wanted to walk out together and gather together and reflect on this national tragedy and national concern,” said Dr. Fowler.

Students want to make sure no one has to go through what Griffin and millions of others have gone through.

“No matter how much time has passed,” said Griffin. “They say time heals everything, but you still have those scars that you have to deal with.”

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