Website names Cochran, Dublin among worst places to find work in Georgia

COCHRAN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A website aimed at helping people make career decisions is calling several Middle Georgia cities some of the worst places to get a job in the state. 

Several people in those cities disagree. 

Usually, being number one means you’re ahead of the pack…in a good way.

“According to the 2013 census, we’re only at 4800. So we shouldn’t have even been considered as part of the survey results according to their criteria,” Cochran Mayor Michael Stoy says about the city placing number one on that list.

He says the city’s ranking is troubling. 

“We are looking at a large percentage of our population that goes up to Warner Robins,” Stoy says. 

The website,, calls Cochran one of five Middle Georgia cities in the top ten of that list. 

While Stoy admits Cochran needs help, he says the city is working to change the low employment numbers in the area. 

“…trying to get more actively involved instead of passively waiting for things to come which isn’t going to happen. We’re trying to position ourselves,” Stoy says. 

Not everyone agrees with the list. 

Dublin is ranked #8 and development authority president Brad Lofton says the emerald city is actually looking for qualified workers. 

“Dublin is the regional hub for about 15 counties in Middle Georgia from a labor and employment standpoint. So if there’s been a more successful community for job creation in this state, I’d like to know about it,” Lofton says. 

He points out many of the industries in town are growing. 

“We’ve been an anomaly in the state of Georgia in the last five years and have created, I would argue, more jobs per capita than anybody in the state,” Lofton says. 

Both men agree it’s important to do your research before choosing whether to look for work in a certain city. 

“I’m very shocked to read that, but I don’t put any stock in that type of stuff,” Lofton says. 

Mayor Stoy says he has faith thing will turn around and help bring work back to the city especially after hiring someone whose responsibility it will be to entice jobs to come to the city. 

“We at least now get to go to the plate and swing the bat where as before we couldn’t even get to the plate,” Stoy says. 

Mayor Stoy says he’s making sure there’s a good infrastructure in place in Cochran so businesses want to come there. Lofton says her and his staff are working every day to try and bring more jobs to Dublin. 

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