Website Helps Milledgeville Businesses

Local businesses in Baldwin County have a new tool to help attract more customers. It’s called Shop Local Milledgeville.

The social networking site started as a school project for creator Tommy Cook back in January 2009. The website offically launched in May 2010 and has more than 750 members. Shop Local has all types of businesses from restaurants to home repair shops and even pet services.
Shop local provides information like store hours, location, phone numbers, restaurant menus, and even virtual tours.

“We let business owners offer coupons and specials. We also have a community calendar where they can upload any sales or specials,” said Cooks.

The mission of the campaign is to help put money into the local economy. “It doesn’t just help the business person that you shopped at…it helps everybody in the community, because the community has economic develop and growth,” said Lin Chandler, GM of Operations with RJI. RJI and 6 of its smaller businesses joined Shop Local to help brand itself in the community.

“The advertising part of it is very beneficial particularly for companies that are growing and in the early stages of expansion,” said Chandler.

Any business owner in Baldwin County can join Shop Local Milledgeville for free. Visit and click on register Your Business to join.

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