Warner Robins residents hope to find littering fix

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Residents on Story Road in Warner Robins are picking up an unwelcome delivery in their yards–other people’s garbage.

“Garbage is garbage and nobody likes garbage,” said Story Road resident Crystal Huber.

Huber has a special addition to her household duties.

“Just got done cleaning up my own room, now I’ve got to clean up the yard with out people’s trash,” said Huber.

An unwanted delivery of other people’s garbage out in her yard on Story Road in Warner Robins.

“Probably just like once every other week or so,” said Huber. “It’s not too bad, but of course when you get the holidays nearby, Fourth of July, Christmas, all that stuff, it’s almost a daily basis.”

She lives down the street from the TransWaste Services facility, where garbage trucks check in and out daily.

“I’ve come out and just seen stuff strewn across the yard,” said Huber.

Huber and her neighbors are looking for answers.

“Maybe a way to hold down the garbage to the trucks a little bit more to keep it from flying everywhere,” said Huber.

Houston County Commission Chairman Tommy Stalnaker is working with the city, who has the contract with the company.

“It’s my understanding they have reached out to the company to get them to do a better job of policing the area–speeds as well,” said Stalnaker. “I have personally talked to the sheriff about possibility of increasing patrols in that area. Also running some radar in that area to see just the speeds that trucks are going.”

That would hopefully take something off the to do list for Huber.

“I have heard stories where people have actually had to call their insurance because of a crack in the windshield or a dent in the hood–and you know sometimes things like that they’re hard to file so sometimes it’s a financial burden in the long run,” said Huber.

Stalnaker says you’re always welcome to contact the Board of Commissioners with problems, and is thankful residents spoke up in this situation.


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