Warner Robins residents eager to win $700 Million Powerball

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – $700 million dollars–that’s how much was estimated for the most recent jackpot drawing. The Powerball is still rolling and the drawing on Wednesday marks the second largest jackpot in game history.

Now, all of America is wondering who will win big including folks right here in Middle Georgia. 41NBC caught up with residents looking for good fortune at a gas station in Warner Robins.

“Somebody out there gone win that big money I hope it’s me,” said one resident Alphylais Walker.

Dozens of people came in to the Flash Foods gas station in Warner Robins with one goal.

“Well, I hope to win $700 million,” said another man Jerry Baxter.

They all had hopes of leaving the store with the winning Powerball ticket since no one has yet hit the jackpot.

“Everybody been trying to hit it tonight. They’ve been going hard today. They been getting like three, four separate tickets…10 separate tickets, large amounts like a $100 worth, $50 worth,” said Flash Foods cashier Greg Daniels.

Walker only bought two tickets on Wednesday, but she says she’s feeling lucky.

“Sure enough, I’ve got the winning fever!”

And she’s got a couple ideas in mind for how to spend it.

“Get my house remodeled, buy me a car, probably buy me a house, donate some to my church, pay off the loans,” she went on.

Daniels says winning is all about the strategy–and the most popular strategy among his customers is buying ‘quick picks’.

“Quick picks they just let the computer pick random numbers and that’s it you know.”

“When I pick my own number it don’t ever you know do right I may have one correct so I just decided t do a quick pick you never know it might just be my lucky day,” Walker added.

The winning numbers for tonight’s Powerball jackpot were as follows:

6-7-16-23-26 Powerball is 4

If you have any of those six numbers in any combination you just won $700 million.

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