Walmart plans to stop price matching

Walmart says 300 more stores will stop matching competitors ads.

Back in May, the retailer said 500 of its stores would the practice.

Walmart still isn’t saying which stores — or even which regions — are affected by this policy change.

A Walmart spokesperson says instead they are rolling back prices on items that were commonly price matched.

Commuters waste a full week in traffic each year.

Yes, the Auto Insurance Center says the average American commuter wasted 42 hours and 960 dollars last year snarled in traffic.

Commuters in big cities had it far worse.

Stocks fell yesterday, dragged down by energy stocks as oil prices slumped.

The Dow lost 37 points.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going on a road trip itself to remind us to fix those recalled cars.

Already, at one Florida university, the agency found about half of the cars checked had a pending recall issue that hadn’t been fixed yet.

The road trip will focus on southern states, where heat and humidity make it more likely that the inflators in airbags from Takata have degraded and pose the risk of rupturing and injuring or killing the occupants of the vehicle.

Time to fill up your Hummers, Americans — the average price of gasoline in the U.S. is heading back down to less than $2 a gallon. Prices at the pump are already below that level in 15 states, according to AAA.

The Energy Information Administration expects the average price for regular unleaded gas, which is at a four-month low of $2.12, to drop below $2 nationwide by year-end.

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