Walmart plans to speed up long check-out lines

Amazon provided a disappointing forecast for the holiday season quarter.

It’s estimates for profits didn’t match what investors were thinking.

But a new survey from the national retail federation says Americans are waiting till the election is over before spending a lot on the holidays.

Also on Amazon, Business Insider quotes internal documents saying the E-Commerce company wants to open 2-thousand grocery stores over the next decade.

And there’s a new rule—internet companies must ask you before they share your data.

Federal regulators say this includes web browsing or app usage history and the geographic trail of mobile devices.

Stocks fell Thursday driven lower by bonds.

The DOW lost 29 points with interest rate sensitive companies, like real estate, down the most.

Walmart has an idea to tackle long check out lines this holiday season.

They’re called helpers.

The Washington Post reports that after feedback from customers unhappy with the holiday checkout process of the past, Walmart plans to use these in-store traffic directors during the busy late-year shopping season.

And could the key to how the economy is doing be found at the Cheesecake Factory?

The restaurant chain says it’s having to pay its workers more-which is a sign of a tightening labor market.

Of course those pay increases are passed down to customers.

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