UPDATE: Woman wanted for selling prescription drugs from her home turns herself in

IVEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Cynthia Elaine Mixon turned herself into the Wilkinson County Sheriff office around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Mixon had been on the run from authorities since Saturday following an undercover drug bust in Ivey, according to the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force Commander, Wesley Nunn.
Mixon, 51, is accused of selling prescription pills out of her home. She is charged with the selling of schedule II drug, oxycodone.

A month-long investigation led the task force to her home located at 119 Industrial Blvd. in Ivey.  Agents searched Mixon’s home and found several high powered rifles, including a 12-gauge shot gun, prescription pills, and cell phones.

Photos of Mixon’s home shows what agents described as “filthy” and “unfit to live in.”

The task force contacted Wilkinson County Health and The Department of Family and Children Services about the deplorable conditions of the home.

“There are two teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15 living in the home,” continued the agent. “The house was not in a livable condition.”

Undercover narcotics agents arrested Amanda Hendricks Helm, 32, and her uncle, Hermin Bill Hendricks, 57, Saturday, in the Ivey General Store parking lot, after they got a tip Helms was selling prescription drugs.

Helm is charged with possession of scheduled II drug, oxycodone, drugs not kept in original container, possession of drug related objects, (needles) and use of a communication device to facilitate a drug transaction felony.

Hendricks is charged with possession of scheduled II drug, oxycodone, possession of methamphetamine, three felony counts of obstruction of law enforcement officer, use of communication device to facilitate a drug transaction (felony) and driving with a suspended license.

“She sold her uncle 20 oxycodone pills ,” said an Ocmulgee Drug Task Force undercover agent.

Helm told the agents she sold the pills 10-dollars per pill. But, the drug buy did not end in the Ivey General Store’s parking lot.  Minutes later, agents saw Helms pulling into Mixon’s home.  Helm’s admitted she got the prescription drugs from Mixon.

“We followed Ms. Helms back to Ivey General where she in return sold some to her uncle, Mr Hendricks,” added the task force agent.

Helm returned to the parking lot where she sold the drugs to Hendricks.  When officers moved in to arrest them agents said Hendricks put up a struggle and had to be tased.

The commander of the drug task force explained he’s looking for the source of the prescription drugs.

“It’s come to our attention in the drug war that one person dealing pills, they have a community of people they can go to to buy pills when they run out,” said Wesley Nunn.

Nunn’s task force is focusing on identifying more people selling illegal prescription drugs.

It’s real significant that we get into this group and we can find this group, who they are and how they are distributing the pills,” added Nunn.

“Whether it’s one pill or 20 pills or 200 pills, I don’t want them to get into the wrong hands and I surely definitely don’t want them to make a profit off the illegal sale of prescription pills,” continued the undercover agent.

Anyone with information about Mixon’s where abouts is urged to call the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force at 478-414-5997.

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