U.S. Senate candidates Nunn and Perdue square off

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Both U.S. Senate candidates squared off for the first time on Thursday, debating in Macon. 

Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn and Republican candidate David Perdue say a better Georgia is priority number one. 

“I’m willing to work with anybody towards solutions, but the solutions I see up there right now are failing,” Perdue said. 

“What we’ve heard from him over the campaign trail is more of the same. It’s about prosecuting more than it is about problem solving,” Nunn said. 

The two tackled issues on immigration, healthcare, transportation, and defense at the 2014 Congressional Luncheon. 

After several heated ads from Perdue calling Nunn a “rubber stamp” for the President and his administration, Nunn took a stand saying there’s different lines on the Obama agenda she doesn’t agree with. 

“I disagree and have said so on the keystone pipeline,” said Nunn. “I talked today about the fact that I disagree about cutting our military at this juncture.”

Perdue says the current ideas to fix issues in the country aren’t working.

“Compromising to a bad solution doesn’t make sense to me,” said Perdue. “I mean, I’ve spent my career developing consensus and leading toward solutions.”

Both candidates say a solution must come for the effects of the Affordable Care Act. 

“I have said repeatedly that I think there are some things that need to be fixed, and I think there are some things that need to be built upon,” Nunn said. 

Perdue says “Obamacare” is un-fixable and needs to be “repealed and replaced.”

“I really think we need to start talking about Congressman Price’s alternative,” said Perdue. “That’s the debate we should have had several years ago. We never had a chance to do that because of the super majority.”

The two Middle Georgia natives also discussed the future of transportation spending–specifically the dwindling Highway Trust Fund. 

Both say they disagree with raising taxes to support the state’s infrastructure. 

The two say they want what’s best for the state and they need voters to decide. 

“What I’m trying to do is affect change in Washington to get results out here for the people of this state,” Perdue said. 

“The only team that I’m playing for is Georgia, and that’s the team that I’m committed to representing,” Nunn said. 

The two plan on debating again several times before the November election. 

Both are looking to fill the open seat left vacant by Saxby Chambliss who isn’t seeking re-election. 

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