Twiggs County High School junior ‘stitches up’ dream

JEFFERSONVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Runways, lights, and models–that’s the career one Twiggs County High School student is dreaming about.

Deon Sinclair is doing just that–watching his dreams come together stitch by stitch.

There was a time when Deon was a bit of a troublemaker in school, but he’s turned it around completely.

Friday afternoon, he couldn’t have been more excited to take a step toward what his teachers say is a bright future.

“It’s nice, it’s authentic, it’s cool,” said Twiggs County junior Deon Sinclair.

The sound of a sewing machine is a new sound for Deon, but one that kick started his dream.

“It’s been an amazing day today,” said Deon. “It’s something that I really wanna do it and go farther into it, and maybe have a celebrity wearing my fashion one day.”

Deon’s wants is to be a fashion designer, with all the runways, the models–everything.

He had a problem though–he didn’t know where to start.

“You know you’ve hit a thread with a student when their eyes light up,” said Twiggs County High School teacher Brian Olson.

Olson ended up hitting a “sewing” thread with Deon.

“He really inspired me to keep going on with my fashion design because he was the first one that came at me and was like you know what, I’m going to talk to someone and try and get you into the fashion designer thing,” said Deon.

“I mentioned to him that I could get him some supplies and some training if this is an avenue he thought was worth pursuing, and he said yes,” said Olson.

Olson put out a Facebook request for a sewing machine–the first thing you need to design clothes.

Olson’s friend Brian Curbello responded.

“When somebody shows interest in something, and you have others back you up, and give you tools, and inspire you, then that’s where you’ll find success,” said Curbello.

And part of that success for Deon lies with Shelley Kuhen, who designs costumes at Theatre Macon.

Kuhen thinks Deon could learn a lot interning at the Theatre this summer.

“Even though costuming is not fashion like what he’s looking at it, it is fashion that people wore–costumes are clothes,” said Kuhen.

Costumes or fashion–it doesn’t matter to Deion.

He’s chasing the clothes of his dreams–down to the last thread.

Olson said he wants to take Deon to a runway show sometime soon to give him a taste of what a fashion show is like.

Twiggs County Principal Jamie Paulk added that Deon is a bright kid with a big future ahead of him.

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