Turtle Rescue Caught On Camera

(NBC NEWS) A daring sea rescue was all caught on camera this week in Florida.

Rob Merlino was fishing off the Venice Pier Monday when he accidentally hooked a giant loggerhead sea turtle, about 300 pounds and roughly five feet long.

It was too big to drag to the beach, so a Good Samaritan named Austin Selby dove in to help.

The snagged turtle was in trouble. The line got tangled around its neck and one of its fins, and Selby struggled to set it free.

The turtle did not want Selby’s help. At one point, it even dragged him underwater. But an exhausted Selby kept trying.

“At one point, he reached in to get the hook out and the turtle really fast just nipped and just missed him, but that would’ve taken his hand right off,” said witness Jeff Hyde.

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