The truth behind multi-vitamins: You may do more harm than good taking them

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/ WMGT) – If you’re taking any vitamin or mineral supplements, you might be wasting your money. A new study found no helpful or harmful outcomes for people taking multi-vitamins.

According to the study, there isn’t any health benefits to prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke or early death.

“Many times we’re looking for one thing that can solve all of the problems,” Kenworth Holness, a physician and owner of Mia’s Health Food Store said.

“Basically, peeing it out. So if you look at it, it’s expensive pee. You’re buying something with the health claim,” Coliseum Medical Centers Clinical Dietitian Naomi McKensie said.

Many of us wake up, and take a vitamin, daily.

“A vitamin is a molecule that helps a chemical reaction in the body. Our cells cannot survive without these chemical reactions and these chemical reactions give us energy and they also build our building blocks for our muscles,” Holness said.

In the recent study published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, it says vitamin supplements aren’t doing anything for your health.

McKensie says people buy vitamins for the health claim.

“If you’re eating a healthy diet, stop wasting your money buying a multi-vitamins. You more than likely don’t need it if you’re already getting enough through your diet,” she said.

A well-balanced diet, can make a world of difference.

“Can’t replicate something in a capsule that’s man-made, versus something that you eat you’re getting that from nature,” McKensie said.

Holness says supplements aren’t helpful, if you’re healthy.

“It’s still helpful for nutritional gaps,” he said.

Taking a vitamin ‘just because’ can do more harm, than good. Holness recommends getting a blood test.

“To see if whether you are deficient in that vitamin. If not, you’re taking that multi-vitamin, you maybe taking more B12, you maybe taking more fluoric acid than you should and that can cause more harm,” Holness said.

Personal trainer Thomas Wright and Holness recommends pro-biotics. It’s good for balancing hormones and putting good bacteria in our body. Aminos for a pick-me-up, that energy you need. Digestive enzymes helps absorb nutrients in our foods. Holness says fish oils are good, too.

McKensie says to get a well-balanced diet with all the vitamins you need, taste the rainbow. Eat your reds, orange, greens, and dark leafy greens.

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