Treutlen County ESPLOST passes

Treutlen Esplost Yes

(41NBC/WMGT) — The Georgia Secretary of State’s website is reporting that Treutlen County’s ESPLOST has come back with a response of “Yes”.

The penny tax posed the question:

“Shall a special one percent sales and use tax for educational purposes be imposed in Treutlen County for a period not to exceed twenty calendar quarters for the purpose of raising not more than $3,500,000 of net proceeds by said tax, which shall go to the school district for the purpose of (i) adding to, renovating, repairing, improving, and equipping existing school buildings, school district facilities, including, but not limited to HVAC and athletic facilities; (ii) acquiring textbooks, e-books , e-book readers, computers, laptops, tablets, and peripherals for the school district; (iii) acquiring school buses and transportation and maintenance equipment, (iv) pay a portion of principal and interest on General Obligation School Bonds Series 2010, not to exceed $2,200,000; (v) acquiring miscellaneous new equipment, fixtures and furnishings for the school district, including but not limited to technology equipment and safety and security equipment; the maximum amount of the projects to be paid with sales and use tax shall not exceed $3,500,000. ”

62.77% of voters responded “yes” on their ballots.



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