Train Your Brain to be Happy

BrainTraining02_15What if a computer could train your brain to be happy or to stop compulsive behaviors?

Many would say that sounds like the stuff of science fiction movies, but some doctors at the Brain Training Centers of Florida are doing it right now.

The premise behind brain wave optimization is that people suffer from anxiety, depression, or compulsive behavior because their brain wave frequencies are out of balance.

“We used one of the world’s most highly developed computer programs to constantly monitor brain wave activity and at the same time feed back to the brain a series of sounds which are actually energy to coach the brain into healthier levels of brain wave activity,” explains Dr. Francis Flynn.

Neurologists confirm that stimulating the brain through sounds and energy can be very beneficial, but it would cost millions of dollars to do the studies required to make brain training part of conventional medicine.

For now, at the center they say they just talk to their clients.

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