With traffic signals still out, BCSO urges drivers to be careful

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) -The storm has passed in Macon-Bibb but remnants in the form of power outages still remain. Several of the outages crews are still working to fix include traffic lights.

“I’m afraid that someone might get hurt as a result of this if they don’t get these lights working soon,” said resident Michele Wells.

Just days after Tropical Storm Irma left several areas in Macon-Bibb County without power, the saying ‘look both ways before crossing’ holds meaning.

“We’ve still got areas where they’re clearing debris from the roadways, we’ve got areas where Georgia Power is still trying to get power going back to lines,” said BCSO’s Lt. Randy Gonzalez.

Crews are still working to fix lines that power many of the traffic signal lights around town.

“There are still lots of lights that are out. I saw lights out on Riverside Drive, there were still a few lights out over near the mall area,” Wells said.

She says she saw first hand, drivers unaware of how to go through intersections with traffic lights that don’t work.

“There were cars just plowing through. It’s as if they didn’t understand they should come to a complete stop, and look in both directions before moving forward. They just plowed through lights that weren’t working as if they were on green,” she continued.

The law states lights that aren’t working should be treated as a stop sign.

“Come up to the intersection, stop, look, check the traffic before you proceed through and then proceed through the intersection,” Gonzalez said. “Be cautious at these lights don’t just roll through them,” he added.

Lt. Gonzalez says he believes that if people don’t start being more cautious, it could be dangerous.

“You’ve got other people out here on the roadway somebody might not be paying attention–then you end up out here with a wreck or somebody being seriously injured,” he said. “Cars could collide–cars could collide you know someone could get hurt or get killed as a result of that,” Wells added.

Crews are working to get the lights back running, but in the mean time, drivers around town have one job: proceed with caution until you’ve got the green light.

Gonzalez says in the case that there’s more than one car at an intersection without street lights, the driver on the left yields to the driver on the right.

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