Track Your Stats Online When You Workout

With spring approaching fast, it is time for many to either “put-up” or “shut-up” about sticking to those resolutions to get more physically fit.

As the winter continues, many people are staying indoors and are not as active as they want to be.

New social media and electronic gadgets can help.

“There’s been a huge rise in interest in measuring and sharing via social media,” said Caroline McCarthy of

Whether it’s Tweeting a friend about weight loss, or sharing the secrets of diet and exercise success on Facebook.

Weekend warriors and experts agree that “cyber-support,” and motivation are huge.

“People have found that when they have other people who know about their goals and who are automatically getting updates on their goals, they hold themselves more accountable,” said McCarthy

Nike, Apple, and Adidas are among the manufacturers who make electronics including watches that track runners’ and walkers’ distance, speed. performance and heart rate.

Other gadgets help users monitor nutrition and fitness, including calories taken in and burned, while at work, and working out.

“There’s been a trend toward pitching these products towards the regular Joes,” said McCarthy.

New technology to make your workouts more measurable, and fun.

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