The Perfect Pear Dishes Up The Perfect Creme Brulee

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Owner of The Perfect Pear Megan Brent loves to cook.

“First and foremost we are a caterer,” says Brent.

Folks from all over Middle Georgia have been stopping in for a bite to eat since the restaurant opened in 2009.

Brent says, “We have customers that come to see us every Tuesday, we have customers who come to see us everyday and it’s certainly rewarding for me to know that people take the time to drive from Warner Robins, Macon…”

Customers like Donna Lehr enjoy lunch at The Perfect Pear several times a month. The desserts are her favorite.

“When I have to choose real food, it’s a toss because it’s all really good,” laughs Lehr.

Girlfriends Saundra Dickson and Jean Kahn both love the creme brulee.

Dickson says, “It’s just yummy, it’s everything you want to eat.”

“It just melts in your mouth and there’s is special,” raves Kahn.

The popular dessert doesn’t call for much. The recipe’s main ingredients are heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla.

“It is a labor of love and I think that it shows when you put your heart and soul into anything that you do,” says Brent.

The Perfect Pear is open Monday through Thursday from 11AM to 2PM.
They are located at 922 Carroll Street in Perry.

The Perfect Creme Brulee Recipe
1 quart of heavy cream
6 large egg yolks
1 cup of sugar (plus 1/4 cup for torching)
1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Bring cream and vanilla to boil over medium heat in pot
Remove, allow to cool 15-20 minutes
Whisk egg yolks and sugar until frothy and pale yellow
Pour cooled cream into egg mixture, then into ten 6oz. brulee ramekins
Place ramekins in large baking dish with sides, allowing 2 inches in between
Fill pan with hot water halfway up sides of ramekins
Bake at 375-400 degrees for one hour
Refrigerate overnight
Sprinkle with sugar and burn with creme brulee torch



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