Teen’s Death Triggers 911 Investigation

(NBC NEWS) Cincinnati, Ohio police announced Thursday a 911 dispatcher is on administrative leave as they work to find out why help didn’t arrive for a 16-year-old boy trapped and dying inside a car.

Chief Eliot Isaac said Thursday they promised to find out why Kyle Plush called 911 twice, desperately asking for help, even giving the make and model of the vehicle he was trapped in.

The second dispatcher Plush called is the one on leave and is the same dispatcher who has been honored for her work in the past.

“Something went wrong here and we need to find out why we weren’t able to provide that help that we hope we could have,” Isaac said.

Cincinnati police were called to Seven Hills School parking lot. Plush, trapped in a Honda Odyssey, used Siri to call 911. On the call, he was gasping for air and begging for help.

Two District 2 officers checked the lot for a total of 11 minutes. A Hamilton County deputy doubled back.

“Your guys couldn’t find any van with anybody stuck in it, but I just wanted to go and double check one time,” the deputy told dispatchers.

In the second call Plush made to 911, he told dispatchers exactly what car he was in and where it was parked. That information never was relayed to the officers on scene.

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