Tech Report: TikTok to roll out major changes

How the app will change for underage users

TikTok announced major changes for under-18 users. In an effort to limit screen time for children, the app will now have a one hour per day limit for underage users. The daily limit will be rolled out in the coming weeks. This will automatically apply to every TikTok user under 18. When a user’s time is up, they will have to enter a password to continue scrolling.

Duolingo will start offering AI driven language lessons. Duolingo says the conversational AI can speak back and forth with someone in the language being learned. This eliminates the need for a human translator or tutor.

Airbnb admits to banning people for being ‘closely associated’ with bad guests. The company claims that banning people closely associated with an already-banned user is necessary for safety. However, advocacy groups questioned whether or not the policy is fair.

Families of students in Los Angeles are grappling with leaked personal information this week. Many parents in the area are learning that their kid’s children’s medical, mental health, and school records are appearing on the dark web. Social security and driver’s license numbers are also online. The breach happened last year in the Unified Los Angeles School District and was the result of a ransomware attack. This is not the first time a school system’s information has been published online. Although little is known about them, the same group responsible for this attack has already hit over 136 other school systems.

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