Tech Report: Telework is being phased out

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that the percentage of businesses with little to no telework skyrocketed last year. Of the private-sector establishments surveyed last year from August 1 to September 30, 72%  had little to no telework. That’s a big leap from 2021, when just 60% of establishments surveyed from July to September 2021 reported little to no telework.

The popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, just received a massive upgrade. It can now browse the web, help book flights and more. The first wave of plugins, which are now available to select ChatGPT users and developers, allow the AI to tap new sources of live data from the web.

Uber Eats is taking thousands of online-only brands off its app this week. There are concerns that the platform is getting clogged by restaurants listing multiple delivery options for the same menu under different names. The food delivery service execs say diners are “effectively seeing 12 versions of the same menu” on the app. Uber Eats plans to remove 5,000 online storefronts, covering about 13% of virtual brands in North America.

Microsoft says its new version of Teams on Windows is twice as fast. Similar updates are coming to the teams clients for Mac and the web later this year. During Teams video calls, the software will show every participant on screen in a box of the same size, rather than giving more space to participants with their cameras on.

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