Tech Report: Snapchat launches AI chatbot

Snapchat has released a new tool called My AI. According to Snapchat, My AI “can recommend birthday gift ideas for your friends, plan a hiking trip, suggest a recipe for dinner, or even write a haiku.” It has been “trained to have a unique tone and personality.” The feature is currently only available to fee-paying Snapchat Plus subscribers. However, Snapchat said it plans to eventually make it available to all 750 million of its monthly users.

A surprising number of people are ditching Google for Bing. A consumer survey by Yahoo Finance found that quite a few folks are looking to replace the Google’s iconic search engine with Bing. The latter company’s new AI powered search engine is attracting more and more users.

IrisCX, the smart video platform for at-home shopping, just raised nearly 5 million dollars. The company will use the money to hire workers and develop more products. IrisCX says that it can provide a great virtual shopping experience from home.

Meta will create a new product group inside the company focused on generative AI. This new set of techniques will allow computers to generate text, draw pictures, and create other media that resembles human output. The AI will be featured on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

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