Tech Report: Sharp debuts world’s first smart convection microwave drawer

Tech Report
February 10, 2012

Twitter attracted more users in the fourth quarter, even though it intensified a crackdown on election misinformation.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said roughly 80% of Twitter’s audience is outside the U.S.

It has 192 million daily users.

Twitter has also been testing a feature called Fleets that lets users post photos, text, and videos that disappear within 24 hours.


A team of Danish researchers claims that artificial intelligence software they have developed can predict – with 90 percent accuracy – whether an uninfected person will die from COVID-19.

It does this by being fed data on the person’s underlying health conditions.

It has already found that body-mass index, age, high blood pressure, and being male were the highest risk factors.


An MIT study finds strong evidence of political bias information of social media ties.

It’s not surprising but we friend and follow people on social media who we tend to agree with.

These results emphasize the fundamental psychological bias many people have against interacting with those who do not share their partisanship and lead to more divisiveness.


Sharp debuts the world’s first smart convection microwave drawer.

It combines sensor microwave and convection cooking technologies with smart features.

Its smart features, including access to recipes, tips, and remote control through the Sharp kitchen app and compatibility with Amazon Echo devices for voice-enabled commands.

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