Tech Report: Netflix delays password sharing crackdown

Netflix gained 1.75 million subscribers and axes its DVD rental business. The streaming service says U.S. password sharing crackdown is coming soon. Netflix will charge users more to add people to the account but didn’t say the exact price.

YouTube rolled out new policies for eating disorder content. The platform has long removed content that glorifies or promotes eating disorders, but they are now expanding on existing policies. YouTube’s community guidelines will now also prohibit content that features behaviors such as purging after eating or extreme calorie counting that could put vulnerable users at higher risk.

Despite the worries about the U.S. housing marketing, companies from around the world are still coming here to do business. Syla, a Japanese based property tech company says they are using technology to make real estate investing more accessible. The company uses AI to make real estate investing more efficient.

There’s a new AI powered device called Companion designed to look after dogs while their owners are away. The robotic playmate works as a trainer and optional automatic feeder. The company says the device can also monitor shifts in your dog’s physical health as your pet grows older. They go on to say that Companion can “detect sudden or subtle changes in your dog’s movement or routine over time and send warnings.” Some services that come with the device will cost 49 dollars a month.

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