Tech Report: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ video game sales 20M units in 2020

Tech Report
February 11, 2021

Grand Theft Auto V video game sold 20 million units in 2020, bringing its total sales to 140 million since the initial release in 2013.

Rockstar Games has sold more than 335 million units of the Grand Theft Auto series since the first installment launched in the late 1990s.

Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of “GTA” and Rockstar Games.


The sale of TikTok or Oracle and Walmart has been put on hold, according to Fox Business.

You may remember President Trump was worried about TikTok’s Chinese owners collecting data about users.

He arranged a sale of TikTok to U.S. companies but now the Biden administration has put that on hold.


Match, the online dating service, is expanding. 

It’s bought Hyperconnect, a social media company in South Korea.

It’s a way to meet friends and people who have shared interests.


A chip shortage that started in a surge in demand for personal computers and other electronics for work or school from home during the pandemic now threatens to snarl car production around the world.

Semiconductors are in short supply because of a big demand for electronics.

Chips are likely to remain in short supply for months.

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