Tech Report: DirecTV and EverPass Media reach a deal on the NFL’s Sunday Ticket

Ahead of the 2023 football season, DirecTV has struck a new deal with EverPass Media to provide the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package. The agreement will allow your favorite sports bar to continue playing out of market sports games on their TVs. The Sunday Ticket has been helping bars and restaurants to have been pull in crowds for years.

Nvidia shares soared on Thursday. The company, which makes AI chips, is seeing huge orders both now and into the future. With its stock gain, Nvidia is close to being worth $1 trillion.

High tech farm companies are struggling. Steep costs, tight financing, and other problems are hitting these farms hard. This despite the billions in technology such as advanced sensors and robots meant to offset weather related risks, reduce water consumption, and produce more consistent crops that were poured into indoor farms. Since going public in 2021, the shares of two companies have dropped by over 95%. In recent months, at least two companies in the sector have shut down or filed for bankruptcy.

JPMorgan Chase is developing new software, similar to ChatGPT. The AI powered service, IndexGPT, will select investments for customers. The company applied to trademark IndexGPT earlier this month. Financial advisors worry that the AI will replace them.

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