Tech Report: China is ahead of the U.S. in the tech race

A think tank finds China is beating the U.S. in technology race in all but a few fields. Those fields include electric batteries, hypersonics, and advanced radio-frequency communications such as 5G and 6G. The report said the U.S. was the leader in just a few technologies such as vaccines, quantum computing, and space launch systems.

Elon musk claims that Neuralink is ready for humans trials, but regulators disagreed. According to Musk, once a Neuralink chip is implanted into a patient’s brain, it could help restore vision to the blind and even help paralyzed people walk again. Musk has gone even further, imagining features where the chip could record people’s memories so they can reminisce about moments they otherwise may have forgotten. It’s not clear when it will be undergoing human trials.

Apple has delayed the approval of an email-app update with AI powered language tools over concerns that it could generate inappropriate content for children. The app in question is called Blue Mail. The dispute shows the broad concerns about whether language-generating artificial-intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, are ready for widespread use.

Payment apps and touch screens have made it easy for merchants to set expectations for tipping. However, some say it may leading to overcharging customers. This phenomenon is known as “guilt tipping”. Payment technologies allow merchants to show a set of default tipping amounts. For example, you’ve likely seen buttons for 15%, 20% and 30%, along with a “no tip” or “custom tip” button. That setup makes it simple to choose a generous tip, rather than a smaller one or no tip at all.

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