Tech Report: Chatbots may enter the workplace

Researchers say most companies will employ digital humans in the next decade

Your next new colleague could be a chatbot with a human face. Researchers from the University of Sydney Business School say that most companies will be implementing chatbot workers in the next decade. The jobs that this controversial technology is likely to appear in first are medical training and retail.

In an effort to give users more control over their time and content, Instagram has launched a new tool. ‘Quiet Mode’ is designed to help users from being distracted and encourage people to set boundaries with their friends and followers.

Head of Global Policy Programs, Dayna Geldwert, explains the details. She says that parents are now able to see their teen’s social media settings and will be notified when a change is made. Parental tools also allow parents and guardians to see who their teenagers report or block. They can also schedule when their child will be able to access the platform.

Yelp workers fled New York and San Francisco during the pandemic. According to Bloomberg, between 2019 and 2022, some %70 of workers who lived near the company’s headquarters in the Bay Area took off. Yelp employees who moved opted for Texas and Florida.

Amazon’s stock turbulence is taking a toll on corporate pay. Their “prolonged slump” has cut pay in 2023 by %15 to %50 below target levels.

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