Tech Report: Biden may ban TikTok if owners don’t sell

The Biden administration may ban TikTok if owners in China refuse to sell their stakes in the video-sharing app. This big shift in policy on the part of the administration comes after criticism from Republicans. Some say that the Biden administration hasn’t taken a tough enough stance. They also feel that TikTok collects data on users and sends it back to the Chinese Communist Party.

Health and wellness ads are flooding Instagram feeds. These include ads for weight loss, thigh creams, hair growth creams and fitness apps. The Wall Street Journal reports Instagram pulls from users’ online and offline activities to decide which ads to show them. Factors such as age and location are combined with accounts you follow, posts you like and ads you click on.

The Metaverse could have a role to play in health care. According to research by iPrescribe, the mobile
e-prescribing app by DrFirst, more than two-thirds of Americans expect routine care to be provided remotely with mobile technology within the next three decades. Some of possibilities Americans could see happening are remote surgeries performed by robots and in-body sensors that send data back to physicians.

The Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile will be acquired by T-Mobile. The acquisition is part of the cellphone carrier’s plan to buy Ka’ena Corporation, which includes Ultra Mobile and Plum, for up to $1.35 billion.

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