Tech Report: AT&T and Verizon scale back highspeed internet rollout

AT&T and Verizon are reigning in expenses for network expansions. The end of low interest rates and slumping demand lead to the cutbacks. Bloomberg reports Verizon expects to extend fiber past about 50,000 fewer homes this year than last. AT&T has slashed the number of homes it plans to reach by 39% this year.

Apple customers in the U.S. have a new way to shop for the latest iPhones. Customers can now connect with an Apple specialist over video to browse the iPhone lineup, including iPhone 14 and iPhone 14+. The new shopping experience can be accessed by googling ‘Apple specialist over video’. During the session, an Apple team member will be on camera and sharing their screen, but they will not be able to see the customer.

There are new tools that can give you insight into your diet. FoodMarble’s AIRE Digestive Breath Tester and Lumen’s Metabolism Tracker help people understand what the gut is doing and how the body uses food as fuel. The devices can help people determine which foods are giving them digestive problems so they can avoid them.

Amazon Prime members can get more than a dozen free games right now. They include Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, I am Fish, and Adios. Once you claim the freebies, they are yours to keep forever.

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