Tech Report: Apple suppliers speed up the move out of China

What the tech giant is trying to avoid

Apple’s Chinese suppliers are likely to move production out of the country far faster than many observers anticipated. Bloomberg says Apple is trying to pre-empt fallout from escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington. The suppliers are looking to move operations to India and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the White House on ordered government agencies to rid their devices of the Chinese-owned app TikTok within 30 days. The order is part of an effort to prevent China’s government from spying on the Untied States. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, denies that it would share user data with the Chinese Communist Party. The company called the White House’s the concerns “misinformation.”

U.S. payment giants Visa and Mastercard are hitting the brakes on plans for partnerships with crypto firms. People familiar with the matter told Reuters that a string of high-profile collapses shook faith in the industry. The crypto industry saw a stunning reversal of fortunes in 2022. The bankruptcies of industry majors FTX and BlockFi rattled investors and increased regulatory scrutiny on the sector.

Nearly three out of  four Americans worry that their local police department could be overwhelmed in an emergency like extreme weather or domestic terror attack. Mark43, a mission critical public safety software company, found with an uptick in significant weather and other disruptive events, such as power grid failures, massive droughts and unseasonal hurricanes.

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