Tech Report: Apple starts moving operations out of China

Apple supplier Foxconn announced the creation of a major new factory in Vietnam and a $300 million investment into expanding its existing operations in the country. The new factory will sit on 111 acres of land just outside of Saigon. Foxconn will be signing on to a 35-year lease. The decision comes as Apple attempts to move parts of its manufacturing process out of China.

Beta testers working with Bing AI have discovered some strange issues with Microsoft’s new chatbot. CNBC says that the bot threatened and cajoled users. It also insisted that it was right when it was wrong and even declared its love for users. Despite only being unveiled last week, over one-million people have signed up to test the early version of Microsoft’s new AI powered search engine and chatbot.

On Thursday, food delivery company DoorDash announced that it just had its best quarter ever. The company says that it had 15 million loyalty members at the end of 2022.

Snapchat is rapidly attracting new users. The app, which is best known for its disappearing photo messages, is seeing over 750 million users a month. That’s 25% more than the 600 million monthly users it was pulling in 10 months ago.


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