Tech Report: Amazon may be sued over data collection practices

The issues children's advocacy organizations raised Amazon's smart speakers

Federal regulators are expected to sue Amazon over allegations that the e-commerce giant illegally collected data on children. In 2019, A group of children’s advocacy organizations asked the FTC to investigate the company. They wanted to know if the company’s smart speakers violated children’s privacy rights. Amazon did not adequately verify that it had parental consent to collect data, according to the complaint.

The New York times lost its verified check mark on Sunday after Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced efforts to crackdown on users avoiding payments for Twitter Blue. Musk along with the official Twitter verified account announced on March 23rd that the social media company would set a deadline of April 1st for verified users to apply and keep their status. Those who refused to pay the eight dollar per month subscription for individuals would begin to lose both their blue check mark and verified status. The same policy applies to organizations, which must pay one thousand dollars per month.

More than twice as many Americans support the U.S. Government banning TikTok as oppose it. Although 28% of people, are not sure, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Support for a government ban on TikTok is higher among republicans and older people.

Carnegie Mellon University students are close to putting a robot on the moon. About three hundred students worked on a rover named Iris. They plan to send the rover to the moon aboard a commercial lunar lander. The launch is scheduled for May 4th.

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