Tech Report: Airports are getting safety updates

According to Axios and the FAA, airports are getting new software that will make takeoff safer. The software automatically warns air traffic controllers if an inbound aircraft may be lining up to land on a taxiway rather than a runway. It uses radar and other sensors to detect hazards. This safety feature has been installed at 43 major airports nationwide.

Lowe’s is testing new security measures. At some of its stores, 400 pound, autonomous robots are patrolling parking lots. The robots, built by Knightscope, can help deter crime and increase safety at stores. The investment comes as retailers have been sounding the alarm on retail theft for many months.

A court filing reveals that Meta Platforms and ByteDance were aware of their impact on children and teenagers. Not only were employees aware, but some actively worked to hide the negative effects. The case in Oakland is just one of many complaints filed across the U.S. on behalf of minors affected negative elements of social media. The young adults and adolescents involved allege that Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google’s Youtube caused them to suffer anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and sleeplessness.

Apple rolls out ChatGPT  for smartwatches. The new app is called WatchWPT. The developer’s site explains that users can get answers to questions and generate long responses without typing. Users can share any of the AI’s responses on social media or via text messages.

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