TECH BYTE: Digital Picture Frames

(41NBC/WMGT) —  You don’t necessarily need to print out a picture to put it on display in your home or office, that’s what digital picture frames are for! Let’s look at one brand that looks great, and saves you lots of space.

If you’re limited on space on your wall or table, but love showing off all of your pictures, it’s time to invest in a smart photo frame. Aura can hold thousands of your favorite pictures – all in one place. It’s easy to use too, and works with a free app on your smartphone. Connect the frame to WiFi, and both your friends and family will be able to share unlimited photos and videos from anywhere. You can use the Aura app, send pictures to the frame’s unique e-mail address, or upload straight from your computer. No memory card or subscription fee needed.

You can also control who has access to your frame. If you’d like to give one as a gift, you can preload the Aura frame with pictures, and even leave a message for that special someone. You still have time to save up for one for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. There are several different frames you can choose from and they vary in price – from about $180 to $400.

You can check them out at, along with Amazon, and other electronics stores.

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