Stuntman Dragged At Atlanta Speedway Is Recovering

ATLANTA – Stuntman Michael Anthony Mooney says he’s looking forward to trying some new stunts as he recovers from being dragged on pavement while shackled and blindfolded and chained to a car at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
Mooney, also known as “the Great Moodini,” was supposed to escape before the car pulled away. Instead, he sustained a broken collarbone, a shattered wrist and a dislocated ankle after cartwheeling down the racetrack before horrified spectators.
Mooney tells Fox 5 Atlanta that he has an urge to try the stunt one more time because he knows he can pull it off. But Mooney said he might try some other stunts instead once he fully recovers from his injuries.
The 46-year-old stuntman says he plans to be ready to perform again by Halloween.

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