Bibb County Coaches fight to keep student-athletes safe in deadly heat

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Temperatures are going up, which means summer is here. Soon enough, student-athletes across Middle Georgia will start to summer practices.

Each year, an average of about 658 people die from extreme heat. Also, summer temperatures put student-athletes at a higher risk for heat illnesses.

According to the CDC, heat-related illnesses is one of the three leading causes of death in athletes.

“It’s a major concern right now in high school football, college football, even in youth football. Making sure that these kids are safe is the first thing. That is important,” Howard High School Football Paul Carroll said.

As temperatures rise in Middle Georgia, many Bibb County football coaches have already implemented extra measures on the field to prevent heat exhaustion throughout the practice.

A generational difference

Westside High School Football Coach Spoon Risper says that kids today are not the same athletes as the previous generation.

“We played in the sun all day long from sun-up to sundown, and our bodies were acclimated to it. Now, kids are inside playing video games or doing other things that involve technology. This is a cell phone generation, which makes a huge difference,” Risper said.

The Georgia High School Association urges all coaches and athletes to train smart and stay safe to prevent heat exhaustion throughout the season.

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