Stolen Manhole Covers Cost Macon and Bibb Co. Thousands

At the north Macon subdivision, WesleyanGardens, five intake covers were stolen. It’s a problem that both the city of Macon and BibbCounty face, and with each cover stolen, more tax dollars go down the drain.

“The last several months we’ve had over a hundred calls notifying us that these cast iron intake covers have been stolen,” said Steve Pettis with Macon Public Works.

Pettis says the stolen intake and manhole covers cost the city a lot of money and time to replace. Officials believe the stolen covers are being sold for scrap metal at scrap yards or recycling centers.

“The replacement price on one lid alone is one-hundred and seventy eight dollars, so it’s an extreme expense for the tax payers of the city of Macon,” said Pettis.

According to Chip Koplin of Macon Iron, the scrap value of a manhole or intake cover is very low.

“The scrap value of a manhole cover is probably only about 5 or 6 dollars so the value is not very high,” said Koplin

BibbCounty Chief Administrative Officer, Steve Layson, says in addition to costing tax payers money the missing covers bring safety concerns.

“Some of the holes actually are 8 or 10 feet deep and I’m concerned somebody might fall in one,” said Layson.

Denise Hines lives near uncovered drains and worries that especially children could be hurt.

“My concern when my grandkids come, they ride their bikes out here. They like to run on the street because right now it is undeveloped so they’ve got the run of the street and I’m concerned that there going to fall in,” said Hines.

Getting the missing covers replaced is not only costly and dangerous, it’s a time consuming effort for the city and county.

“Municipalities and counties don’t keep that many in stock it’s just not something we use a lot of and so when these thefts occur we have to put cones out until we can get some ordered and get them in,” said Layson.

If you notice a missing manhole cover, or intake cover, you’re urged to notify police.

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