Staying cool: Car wash employees avoid heat exhaustion

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Georgia summer temperatures climbed up the thermometer again Thursday.

Temperatures felt like more than 100 degrees.

Honk your car horn if you’re feeling hot.

“It’s probably 105 degrees outside, and on this black top it probably gets up to about 115 outside,” said Fountain Car Wash employee Randy Gillis.

And when most of the water is being sprayed on cars, car washing in a parking lot can get scalding.

“After every car we try to go through and get a drink of water,” said Gillis. “We try to split the cars up that way we get em out of here a lot faster than we would if you were doing them by yourself.”

Of course, there are perks to working at Fountain Car Wash.

“I might just go run and jump in that fountain over there!” said Gillis.

And that would actually be a pretty good way to prevent heat exhaustion.

“You need to get in a cool environment quickly, get in a cold environment, drink some cold water,” said Dr. Christy Peterson.

It’s a condition that goes beyond feeling thirsty.

“Where you have other symptoms besides sweating profusely, maybe clammy skin, a feeling of being dizzy, just tired, might be the first signs of heat exhaustion,” said Peterson.

Take it from Randy Gillis–he’s used to the hot-off-the-asphalt kind of heat.

“Keep lots of water, drink lots of water with you,” said Gillis. “Take a break if you’re outside more than an hour at a time, especially if you take a break every now and then. Make sure you just to stay cool, hydrated, and try not to do a lot of physical activity if not necessary.”

Dr. Peterson also mentioned how important it is to use sun screen.

She advises using SPF 30 or above.

Make sure it blocks both UVA and UVB light–both of which can harm your skin.

Be sure to reapply often.

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